August, 2019

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“Last year I had all my Antenantal Care(ANC) services at a Nyakibale hospital found in Rukungiri district since it was a referral hospital for our district.

The first time I visited this hospital, the records officer registered my details in a computer, I don’t know how this was done but all I know is that my details were captured including my names, next of keen, HIV status,MUAC and other minor information .

Now what excited m was that I wasn’t bothered by with any paper based material, I was told to proceed and pay for my consultation fee I just told a cashier my name and I was cleared to proceed to the clinician for checkup and prescription, now after prescription , I proceeded to pay for my medication without any prescription form, what was required of me was to tell my name and my prescription drugs were populated for the cashier to bill , I paid for my medicine and still no receipt was issued to me to present to the pharmacist.

I proceeded to the to the pharmacist to pick my drugs, I was surprised when the pharmacist just issued medicine to me without asking me whether I had paid or not .

Now the real excitement happened when I went back for my next visit , when my name was entered in the computer and my details were populated without telling her any thing, I was just told “your encounter has been updated please proceed to the next step”

I proceeded to the clinician for checkup since I had paid for consultation at my first visit. I went through the same process and within the very short time I was done, I did this for all my ANC visit till delivery.

I surely did not understand how these people did that, as in every step is streamlined and no congestion at all, every time I want to have my body check up even though am not in rukungiri I all ways want to go back home to and use the same hospital simply because that system does not waste patients’ time.”


The funny side was that Winnie never knew it was me who installed Helecare2x at Nyakibale Hospital and even trained hospital staff on how to use Helecare2x.

The pleasure I had about how Winnie felt about how Helecare2x has significantly improved the hospital operations prompted me to write about Helecare2x.

It would not be fair it I don’t recognize the team behind Helecare2x development


For the first time in history of Uganda there is now a fully customized health Management information t system to be used in hospitals based in Uganda and other African countries that have the same medic setting.

Thanks to Helecare2x team for good job done, Helecare2x comes with different modules that are commonly used in health facilities in Uganda, look at registration module under Out Patient Department ,HMIS Reporting module, Billing module ,Dispensing module among others .

Helecare2x is currently available for free since it was developed from care2x which is an open source platform, for as long as there is a competent IT person, Helecare2x is very easy and cheaper to use in-terms of installation and machine requirements.

The cases where Hospitals do not have a competent IT management, then Helecare2x team charges for installation and support. Helecare2x provides for different sizes of health facilities including clinics, center IV, III and referral hospitals. Helecare2x is a master at managing patient data, billing, lab management and keeping all forms of clinical records

Helecare2x is not trial system, its is a stable HMIS that is under use by a number of health facilities in Ugandan Hospitals.

It may be true that some hospitals have no time for Helecare2x training due to limited staff or may not have capacity to pay Helecare2x team to provide training and support ,Helecare2x has a manual that one can download for free and follow step by step to install and use the system, the manual is currently available for free in PDF format however the team is working on an online manual that is more professional and easy to access .

This Health Management Information System (HMIS) is not theoretical (not on paper), acouple of Health facilities from different districts in ugandan are currently and happily using the system .

For those who would to see Helecare2x in action , you will need to visit health facilities that are using it, below are some of the Hospital samples that are currently using Helecare2x.

Zia Angelina Health Center in Namugongo
Benedict Medical Center in Kampala
Ryna Medical Center
St Joseph’s Hospital in Nothern Uganda , among others.

Information Communication Technology Specialist Roots for Helecare2x

This is a true personal experience in Uganda from an independent software specialist of which I believe some one else may have experienced the same especially in Africa. There is this common inborn mind about the doubts in technology especially when it comes to health related date security in African Health Facilities.

I tried searching for an HMIS that would perfectly fit the African health facility setting particularly Ugandan after being tasked by a Hospital that I was working for at that time as an Information Technology Specialist, It took me a couple for months searching online for a better option but all in vain, I tried to share my havoc with a friend within the same field of Information Technology who referred me to a certain private company that fully customized an international open source Health Management Information System (HMIS) to be used In African Countries Hospital Setting , thanks to DecimalWorks , That’s’ how I was introduced to HeleCare2X.

Helecare2 was built from an international Open Source Health Information Management System (HMIS) called Care2X by a group of software developers thanks to DecimalWorks to work perfectly in African countries’ Hospital setting. To be honest I was hesitant to introducing Helecare2x to my place of work because I was still doubting the potential of Africans to fully customize international Open Source Health Information Management System (HMIS) and then apply it to our hospitals in African particularly Uganda till we moved to a number to Health facilities that were happily using Helecare2x. I am not advertising Helecare2x neither is I advertising DecimalWorks but trying to share my personal experience and thanking Helecare2x developers for the good job done. I can’t fail to acknowledge these health facilities that were actively using Helecare2x that allowed me to take a look and ask number of questions.

• Benedict Medical Center in Kampala
• St Josephs Hospital Kitgum from Kitgum District
• Benedictine Eye Hospital from Tororo
• St Mary’s Kagongo Hospital
• Nyakibale Hospital,

And other hospitals that are actively using Helecare2x that I dint get opportunity to visit, I truly and trusty introduced Helecare2x as my assignment to my place of work (currently my previous work place) and are happily appreciating my contribution to the smooth running of the Facility.


The common nightmare that hospital administrators have is when it comes time to submit the compulsory reports to ministry of health. In Uganda, the ministry directive is that the Health Management Information System Reports (HMIS) must always submitted be every after six months and after one year. Practically summing up such reports after every year is one major cause of sleepless nights to hospital administrators just because they lack an easy and simple way to electronically generate reports

The practice is that hospital administrators have to go though a pile of papers in order to come up with a combined report after a couple of days if not months. Consequently, some time they submit poor reports due to misplacement of some papers or some written documents being destroyed by rodents.

Gone are the days when such hustles used to happen, Helecare2x (, a product of decimalworks ltd was introduced to solve paper relate data storage and retrieval problems. Imagine a patient returning to hospital after six months for check up and then a pile of files have to be checked in such of a single patient, think about the time spent on single patient, yet there other 100s of patients waiting.

Helecare2x does this in a couple of seconds, for as long as a patient visited the hospital once and his information captured, its easier to retrieve his details by just performing a search of the patient’s name.

Helecare2x does not only stop at just searching of patients’ details but also the total number of patients that visited the facility, assessing the performance of doctors, that is number of patients that a doctor has worked on in a certain month, its true that @HeleCare2X does all this in a minute for as long as some know exactly what should be done and how to do it.

Apart from reporting, Helecare2x solves the problem of doctors having to write prescriptions for patients to present to pharmacists, most doctors use a handwriting that is always almost impossible for pharmacists to understand, this is solved since prescription is done electronically.

Helecare2x with its easy to use interface is a truly revolutionary system for managing electronic patient records.