For the first time in history of Uganda there is now a fully customized health Management information t system to be used in hospitals based in Uganda and other African countries that have the same medic setting.

Thanks to Helecare2x team for good job done, Helecare2x comes with different modules that are commonly used in health facilities in Uganda, look at registration module under Out Patient Department ,HMIS Reporting module, Billing module ,Dispensing module among others .

Helecare2x is currently available for free since it was developed from care2x which is an open source platform, for as long as there is a competent IT person, Helecare2x is very easy and cheaper to use in-terms of installation and machine requirements.

The cases where Hospitals do not have a competent IT management, then Helecare2x team charges for installation and support. Helecare2x provides for different sizes of health facilities including clinics, center IV, III and referral hospitals. Helecare2x is a master at managing patient data, billing, lab management and keeping all forms of clinical records

Helecare2x is not trial system, its is a stable HMIS that is under use by a number of health facilities in Ugandan Hospitals.

It may be true that some hospitals have no time for Helecare2x training due to limited staff or may not have capacity to pay Helecare2x team to provide training and support ,Helecare2x has a manual that one can download for free and follow step by step to install and use the system, the manual is currently available for free in PDF format however the team is working on an online manual that is more professional and easy to access .

This Health Management Information System (HMIS) is not theoretical (not on paper), acouple of Health facilities from different districts in ugandan are currently and happily using the system .

For those who would to see Helecare2x in action , you will need to visit health facilities that are using it, below are some of the Hospital samples that are currently using Helecare2x.

Zia Angelina Health Center in Namugongo
Benedict Medical Center in Kampala
Ryna Medical Center
St Joseph’s Hospital in Nothern Uganda , among others.

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