Helecare2x Impresses Ministry of Health Officials

At the invitation of the Uganda Ministry of Health (MoH) technical team, Thursday 5th September 2019, the developers presented the functionalities provided by helecare2x. The functionality presented include the patient registration where varies fields are captured. The ability to capture different patient identities fascinated the MoH team.

Then rich set of measurements that capture Middle upper Arm Circumference (MUAC), Body Mass Index (BMI), Weight, Height, Temperature was very interesting to the MoH officials.

They noted the ability to keep all sorts of data accessible to the clinicians in what the helecare team calls the clinicians workspace.

The tight integration between billing, prescriptions, drugs and pharmacy is an exceptional piece of modern software engineering and aesthetics.

A Report that complies with MoH health management information system (HMIS) is an issue very dear to the Ministry of Health. Indeed, Helecare2x scored highly with reports for Outpatients, In Patients, Ante Natal to mention but a few being generated on the fly.

The helecare2x team was represented by Dr Benjamin Kanagwa, who is the chief technical advisor, Mr Jenard Ntacyo, who is the lead health domain technical expert and Mr Geoffery Ojara a helecare2x user advocate currently using Helecare2x with the Benedicts Medical Center.

The ministry of Health Officials emphasized the need to extend helecare2x with enterprise integration technology which the helecare2x team is already testing in beta phase.

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