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Information Communication Technology Specialist Roots for Helecare2x

This is a true personal experience in Uganda from an independent software specialist of which I believe some one else may have experienced the same especially in Africa. There is this common inborn mind about the doubts in technology especially when it comes to health related date security in African Health Facilities.

I tried searching for an HMIS that would perfectly fit the African health facility setting particularly Ugandan after being tasked by a Hospital that I was working for at that time as an Information Technology Specialist, It took me a couple for months searching online for a better option but all in vain, I tried to share my havoc with a friend within the same field of Information Technology who referred me to a certain private company that fully customized an international open source Health Management Information System (HMIS) to be used In African Countries Hospital Setting , thanks to DecimalWorks , That’s’ how I was introduced to HeleCare2X.

Helecare2 was built from an international Open Source Health Information Management System (HMIS) called Care2X by a group of software developers thanks to DecimalWorks to work perfectly in African countries’ Hospital setting. To be honest I was hesitant to introducing Helecare2x to my place of work because I was still doubting the potential of Africans to fully customize international Open Source Health Information Management System (HMIS) and then apply it to our hospitals in African particularly Uganda till we moved to a number to Health facilities that were happily using Helecare2x. I am not advertising Helecare2x neither is I advertising DecimalWorks but trying to share my personal experience and thanking Helecare2x developers for the good job done. I can’t fail to acknowledge these health facilities that were actively using Helecare2x that allowed me to take a look and ask number of questions.

• Benedict Medical Center in Kampala
• St Josephs Hospital Kitgum from Kitgum District
• Benedictine Eye Hospital from Tororo
• St Mary’s Kagongo Hospital
• Nyakibale Hospital,

And other hospitals that are actively using Helecare2x that I dint get opportunity to visit, I truly and trusty introduced Helecare2x as my assignment to my place of work (currently my previous work place) and are happily appreciating my contribution to the smooth running of the Facility.