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The common nightmare that hospital administrators have is when it comes time to submit the compulsory reports to ministry of health. In Uganda, the ministry directive is that the Health Management Information System Reports (HMIS) must always submitted be every after six months and after one year. Practically summing up such reports after every year is one major cause of sleepless nights to hospital administrators just because they lack an easy and simple way to electronically generate reports

The practice is that hospital administrators have to go though a pile of papers in order to come up with a combined report after a couple of days if not months. Consequently, some time they submit poor reports due to misplacement of some papers or some written documents being destroyed by rodents.

Gone are the days when such hustles used to happen, Helecare2x (, a product of decimalworks ltd was introduced to solve paper relate data storage and retrieval problems. Imagine a patient returning to hospital after six months for check up and then a pile of files have to be checked in such of a single patient, think about the time spent on single patient, yet there other 100s of patients waiting.

Helecare2x does this in a couple of seconds, for as long as a patient visited the hospital once and his information captured, its easier to retrieve his details by just performing a search of the patient’s name.

Helecare2x does not only stop at just searching of patients’ details but also the total number of patients that visited the facility, assessing the performance of doctors, that is number of patients that a doctor has worked on in a certain month, its true that @HeleCare2X does all this in a minute for as long as some know exactly what should be done and how to do it.

Apart from reporting, Helecare2x solves the problem of doctors having to write prescriptions for patients to present to pharmacists, most doctors use a handwriting that is always almost impossible for pharmacists to understand, this is solved since prescription is done electronically.

Helecare2x with its easy to use interface is a truly revolutionary system for managing electronic patient records.